Around the Opera

Ostentatious bourgeois life in the19th century. A foray into the 8th arrondissement (District number 8)

Inside Paris Tours - Grille Parc Monceau - Ostentatious bourgsoisie of the XIXth century

Monceau Park

Would you like to enter a dreamworld, made of luxury and beauty, which became the fashionable district during the Second Empire of Napoleon III. Nowadays it is still  very upperclass .
At first we’ll discover a magnificent “modern style” bank lobby from the 1900s, then we’ll admire the fantastic marble and golden bronze outer decoration of the most beautiful Opera House in the world, dating back from the end of the 19th century .
After a 10 minute trip by bus we’ll walk around the Parc Monceau where bankers had their luxurious mansion houses built. Inside, their art and furniture collections were displayed in the 3 wonderful residences from this legacy.
For a short while, you have the feeling to be transported into the worlds of Proust and Zola, now vanished for eternity.

By Norbert

Music Credits Creative Commons Legal Code: Rêverie – Claude Debussy by Simone Renzi (version originale)