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Norbet - Guide - Inside Paris

Norbert is a Belleville child, but he also likes foreigners.

He studied history at the Sorbonne and taught it for several years. He is also passionately fond of cities and garden history.

I am not a typical “highbrow” because I like to get in touch with people and I love strolling in the Parisian streets to be deeply immersed in the atmosphere of the past.

I am also a member of an association for the preservation of old country houses and I have restored –guess what?- a medieval tower

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Sylvie guide touristique Inside Paris Tours

Unlike Norbert who is a real Parisian, Sylvie spent part of her life in “la province” (Which is, for a Parisian, any place outside “La capitale”!).

Paris is my choice, the place where I have always wanted to be, as I have always been fascinated by its culture, architecture and diversity.
I also love cinema and literature. I am also a worldwide traveller and spent a few years in the United States and in England.

Our team is looking forward to meeting your expectations about the story of the city and its secret or hidden parts.

We always enjoy exchanging with Paris lovers from all over the world!


Sylvie’s favourite tours: